Your Blog Doesn't Write Itself

Guilty as charged!  This blog doesn't write itself, either. But I found another way to get the job done.

There is plenty of PLR articles (private label rights) waiting for your personal touch. I will tell you where to find them and how to use them as your own writing. These are articles where all the research is done for you.

Writing is the work you get paid to accomplish and you would like the world to know about that fact. However, you need to let your clients ... or the world ... discover your world, your business, your accomplishments. They need to read what you have to say.

Blogs retain visitors if new information is always available. Your day is the same length as everyone else - just 24 hours - and eight of those hours are already reserved for sleep. So, how can you do unpaid work that others will read?

PLR articles ... here we come! Store some of these articles as drafts on your hard drive and use one or two each week. But, don't just slap them up on your blog in their raw state. Adapt them, personalize them and you-nify them first.

Take one paragraph at the time and RETHINK it before writing it in your voice. Add something from YOUR writing life to it, rather than just rewriting it and substituting words. This is really much better than staring down a blank page wondering when words will pop out of your head to fill it up.

When I discovered this neat process, writing this blog became quite simple! Try it ... you'll like it. Your blog will never be neglected again.
PLR sources: