Do you have a newsletter, blog, eBook or website that needs special attention? We will provide fresh, new content for you to use on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule at a price that won't break the bank. You only need to supply the keyword and we will write the content for you. No images ... no bylines...just great informational content with a focus on your products and services.

When we consider working with a new client, payment should be forwarded in the following pattern:

  • 50% to begin the project
  • 25% when we are three-quarters through the project
  • Balance due before release of project
Please do not ask us to use Skype for communications. It is impractical and causes interruption in the flow of writing. Email is the best method for sending/receiving messages. You will be provided with the direct contact email address of the writer who is completing your order. Use the contact form below.
Trial Order:
   Article of 400-500 words ................. $ 20.00
   Blog Post of 300-400 words .............. $ 14.00
(Your minimum order is $50.00) 

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Bulk Order - 5 units:
   5 Articles of 400-500 words each ..... $ 80.00
   5 Blog Posts of 300-400 words each .. $ 70.00
(Your minimum order is $100)

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